Discovery Borovoe

Health resort treatment

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Upon reservation of room for 5 or more nights – you receive a free treatment!

Sanatorium Discovery Borovoe is located within Borovoe Resort natural zone on the shore of Lake Katarkol and is surrounded by pinery. In combination with a unique climate and the purest air this place is ideal for rehabilitation after sickness and for health treatment. The location of the sanatorium away from city bustle gives you an opportunity to enjoy privacy and peace. The sanatorium has a relaxed daily schedule. Dietary regimen and menu are approved by dieticians.

The territory of the sanatorium has gazebos and benches at your disposal, which promotes walks in the open air. Leaving the territory of the sanatorium is possible through a check-point, it is not recommended to wander off the main road or trail once you are outside the territory.



Cozy rooms are divided into 4 hotel buildings. Every room has a lavatory, shower with heated floor, regulated central heating system and air conditioner, refrigerator, safety box, blow-dryer, LED satellite TV.  All rooms are double with additional space for two extra beds.



  • five meals a day;
  • accommodation;
  • swimming pool;
  • SPA center (Russian bath, hamam, Jacuzzi, Charcot’s douche, salt bath, Shungite herbal bath);
  • children’s playroom (1200m2); New!
  • Wi-Fi in the night club and in billiards room;  
  • ropes course;
  • hookah night club with karaoke;
  • charcoal grill, skewers;
  • table tennis, board games.



  • Balneary.
  • Medical center.
  • SPA center (included in accommodation cost).

Attention! Promotion!

Upon reservation of room for 5 or more nights – you receive a free treatment!

Give yourself and your dearest ones the gift of beauty and health!

We invite you to submerge into the world of harmony and relaxation in our new balneary in Health and Entertainment Center “Discovery-Borovoe”. We are happy to offer you our services:

  1. Steam capsule is a hydrotherapeutic procedure which involves use of high pressure variations. It helps improve blood circulation and capillary dilation, activate water molecules; it improves oxygen quality in the body, great for treating post apoplectic condition and essential hypertension. 
  2. Ozone therapy activates oxidation-reduction processes in the body, improves blood microcirculation, stimulates toxins removal and accelerates metabolism. It also improves myocardium function, cell regeneration, heals nerve system ailments, improves digestion, and treats musculoskeletal disorders (arthrosis, arthritis, and polyarthritis).
  3. Hot tub. Hydro-massage is a therapeutic procedure for tension release. It is aimed at treating reflective zones, which helps improve blood circulation. It restores motor functions in the body. Restores motor functions in the body, as well as water balance; great for post apoplectic condition, pain syndrome management, nerve system disorders, osteochondrosis (spinal, lumbar, cervical), post-traumatic syndrome.
  4. Vichy shower performs soft massage of reflective zones. Improves blood circulation, helps with post-traumatic syndrome, osteochondrosis (spinal, lumbar, cervical), post apoplectic syndrome, musculoskeletal disorders (arthrosis, arthritis, and polyarthritis) involving minimum activity level.
  5. Mud therapy – water and mud therapy allows for health improvement treatments with the mud from Saksky Lake. Pelotherapy is a treatment that involves applying a thin layer of disposable mud. General and local application.  Indication for mud therapy:
  • Musculoskeletal system – arthritis, myositis, polyarthritis, bursitis, scoliosis. Spinal cord traumas, central nervous system disorders. Infantile cerebral paralysis.
  • Pulmonary diseases – bronchitis, chronic pneumonia, frequent colds.
  • Peripheral nervous system - neuralgia, neuritis, pleuritis, radiculitis.
  • Skin diseases – scarring, keratoderma, cellulitis, scleroderma, psoriasis, eczema.

Patients with skin disease should consult their dermatologist beforehand and follow doctor’s recommendations for treatment.

Discover amazing world of real pleasure!

Attention! Promotion!

Upon reservation of room for 5 or more nights – you receive a free treatment!

Ideal rest is a rest of your body and soul. Every soul has different needs, but every single body requires peace, passive rest, healthy sleep and fresh air. In Discovery Borovoe we created a perfect environment for an ideal body rest. The price of accommodation already includes your visits to the SPA-center.

At the moment Discovery Borovoe Spa-center offers 6 types of services:

  • Salt bath; New!
  • Russian bath;
  • Hamam (Turkish bath);
  • Charcot’s douche;
  • Jacuzzi (pearl bath);
  • Shungite herbal bath.

Salt bath is finished with pink Himalayan salt tiles that have an especially favorable effect on your respiratory system and skin. Due to the saturation of air with beneficial microelements that this salt contains, salt bath has a notable therapeutic effect on the whole body. Soft, pleasant color promotes decreased brain activity, which allows for a maximum relaxation and indulgence. 

Russian bath. Since the beginning of times people have known that bath has healing and rejuvenating properties. Modern design and highest quality materials, top-class wood finishing and the most traditional technologies used in building steam baths – all come together in the Russian steam room. Such a combination transforms a regular bath into a paradise for your body and soul. The wood used for inside finishing was not varnished or saturated with chemicals; this is why during heating there is no foreign odor but the smell of fresh wood. And what kind of bath would it be without red-hot stones which you can splash with water to get more steam?

Hamam (Turkish bath) can be traced back to antique times and takes its origin in the Roman thermae. The temperature in Turkish bath is lower than that of Russian bath – 30-55 C. The interior of hamam is finished with marble; the stone gets heated by the steam very well and preserves steady temperature for a long time. Because of the warm bed stones Turkish bath is considered extremely beneficial to women. The interior of Turkish baths has always been luxurious. Up to this day they use glazed mosaic, entire marble slabs, marble sinks, and gilded faucets for interior finishing.

Charcot’s douche is an “impact type” of shower or a hydro-massage shower. It is named after the doctor who actively used hydrotherapy and proved its beneficial effect on the body. The shower has 5 types of jets which are activated automatically, without human manipulation. The jets affect the body with impactful force, which results in stabilizing and improving blood circulation, strengthening the immune system, promoting activation of regeneration and rejuvenation mechanisms. This procedure is an ideal combination of therapeutic and relaxation procedures.

Jacuzzi (pearl bath) is a beneficial and pleasant procedure – a mechanic hydro-massage of the whole body, which helps to achieve maximum level of relaxation and peacefulness. Jacuzzi uses artesian water of room temperature. Air bubbles softly sooth your skin. It is recommended to use Jacuzzi after a bath or instead of swimming in the pool if there is a heart function disorder or a blood pressure disorder.

Shungite herbal bath: interior finishing is done with Shungite. The main beneficial property of Shungite is its ability to suppress electromagnetic radiation coming from modern appliances, which follows us in our daily lives. Shungite is also a powerful antioxidant and has antibacterial properties: disinfects, cleans organic pollutants, improves immune function, and absorbs negative energy. While in the bath, together with Shungite therapy you receive a phytotherapy – diffusion of essential oils that are beneficial for respiratory airways. Stone chairs are evenly heated, and they are giving warmth to a person sitting in it, which is especially beneficial for musculoskeletal system, and lumbar area, in particular.

Attention! Promotion!

Upon reservation of room for 5 or more nights – you receive a free treatment!


Standard room – 8900 tenge per person per night with double occupancy

With single occupancy in a double room the price is 13900 tenge per night.

For children ages 5 - 12  – 6900 tenge.

Children under 5 years old stay for free.

Child’s birth certificate must be presented.

Retirees and individuals with disabilities receive a 10% discount for accommodation if they reserve a room for 5 or more nights in a row.



Package What is included Price



Steam capsule;

Hot tub;

Ozone therapy;

Mud therapy;

Vichy shower.

5000 tenge


Medical center

Cedrine barrels, antler therapy;

Mechanic massage;

Lymphatic drainage;


4000 tenge


Medical center

Photo- and light therapy;

Lymphatic drainage;


Stone therapy or thermal bed.

3000 tenge


Medical center

Thermo capsule;

Stone therapy or thermal bed;

Paraffin-ozocerite therapy;


2000 tenge

№ 5

Hirudotherapy (leeching) is not on promotion!

1 session requires 5-7 leeches

For a child – 2 leeches

The treatment takes about one hour, it is practically painless.

Medicinal leech – 700 tenge per leech

Cosmetic leech – 1000 tenge per leech

Attention! Promotion!

Upon reservation of room for 5 or more nights – you receive a free treatment!

Rehabilitation and treatment in Borovoe involve use of not only natural resources; this is why our medical center is equipped with state-of-the-art apparatus and technologies: massage chairs, pressotherapy equipment, capsule for light- and color therapy, thermo capsule and other. Combination of modern equipment and classic methods of therapy and treatment, guided by highly qualified and experienced doctors is what health resort treatment in Discovery Borovoe based on. Pure air and peacefulness activate the recuperation processes in the body. All the treatment procedures are ordered individually after a consultation with the doctor upon your arrival to the sanatorium.

Inhalations increase effectiveness of treatment of asthma, chronic bronchitis, and respiratory illnesses. Mineral waters in the apparatus create a mixture that gives an alkaline reaction; it rapidly and effectively reaches lower and upper respiratory airways without causing an allergic reaction.

Cedrine barrels, antler therapy. The procedure takes place in cedrine barrels and is based on using concentrated vapor from Siberian stag antlers. Boosts body tone, activates digestive function, restores urination function, improves potency, metabolism, releases tension of nervous system and alleviates premenopausal syndrome.

Lymphatic drainage (pressotherapy, presso-massage) removes unnecessary liquid from cells and intercellular space, improves blood circulation. It is effective for people with lymphatic reaction disorder, lymphedema, varicose illness, thrombosis, heaviness in legs, muscle tension, posttraumatic and postsurgical edemas, cellulite, weight gain or chronic venous deficiency; it is great for restoration of skin elasticity.

Phytotherapy is a course of drinking phytotea.  Phytotea is saturated with essential oils and various active agents (depending on the ingredients of the tea). It does not contain caffeine. We have an assortment of medicinal herbs: calming tea, teas for stomach, heart, kidney, and bile-expelling tea.

Mechanic massage is a relaxation therapy which involves lymphatic drainage of lower and upper limbs. It is performed by using a multi-effective apparatus that regulates bioelectric thyroid system, electrical stimulation of muscles, removes excess liquid from intercellular space. Apparatus massage is recommended when one experiences trigeminal neuralgia, peripheral limb neuropathy, lumbar, cervical or spinal osteochondrosis, vegetative-vascular dystonia.

Photo- and light therapy – a procedure based on applying light waves of different lengths; it is recommended to treat blood circulation, metabolism stimulation, restoration of acid-base balance and weight loss, favorably affects psychological state, and stimulates myocardium function, and is also effective for treatment of musculoskeletal disorders.

Stone therapy or thermal bed is a thermal procedure which is based on using semiprecious stone of volcanic rock – jade – for heating. The procedure activates the processes on cellular level, aids in eliminating pain sensation, reduces muscle tone, boosts immune system, accelerates hormone production, restores spinal movement. The procedure is also indicated to those with neuralgia, neuritis, paralysis, and myositis, vascular diseases of brain, vegetative-vascular dystonia, migraine, and hypertension.

Thermo capsule is a hydrotherapeutic apparatus and its therapeutic property consists in high vibrations of pressure. In addition, the apparatus has a long infrared waves radiator. The procedure improves blood circulation, helps with chronic respiratory problems of upper airways, chronic bronchitis, pneumonia, and laryngotracheitis.

Paraffin-ozocerite therapy is another thermal procedure which promotes release of muscle tension, reduction of pain or inflammation symptoms, improves blood circulation and is also applied in cases of chronic joint diseases.

Hirudotherapy is a procedure involving use of medicinal and cosmetic leeches in therapeutic and rejuvenating procedures. This therapy is effective for such conditions as hypertension, inflammation, infertility, male potency problems, ischemic heart disease, diabetes, migraines and other illnesses.